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With more than 33,000 homes across the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands, Your Housing Group (YHG) is one of the UK’s largest housing providers. Their large and diverse portfolio ranges from general properties for social and affordable rent, through to retirement living developments and innovative private rental offers such as Hive.

At YHG, the board members including their Chief Executive were quite keen to move to a digital way of meeting. The change in process was required from the administrators' point of view too as they were sending out emails with up to 20 documents attached.

To streamline the meeting process, YHG evaluated multiple options and found Convene to be the most secure and usable option available. And finally, in October 2016, they rolled out Convene for their board of directors.


"Convene is now used by our board members, group directors, company secretaries, all executive and non-executive directors of the board, and some of our committees as well. There have been requests from executive directors to use Convene with their management teams."


Housing Associations across the UK use Convene for their board and senior level meetings. Find out more here.

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