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Gerry Crow, Executive Board Member and Business Development Officer at Mary Stevens Hospice, talked to us about how easy it is to train new Trustees and staff to use Convene and how it helps them manage a digital repository of previous meetings that they can refer to. They have been using Convene since 2016.


"The Board of Trustees meeting pack could be up to 100 sheets, maybe even more, of paper for 15 people, that had to be sent out before the meeting. Some of them needed an additional copy at the meeting, so we'd have to print off even more. We just had paper everywhere. We now run the meetings totally on the Convene portal; we don't send out any paperwork, and we have 100% of our Trustees using it. We are using Convene for all of our committee meetings and all of our high-level meetings as well."


Download the case study here

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