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At the Annual National Housing Federation Conference 2017, Convene had the pleasure of sponsoring an exclusive minute taking workshop with Joanna Gutmann.


Minutes will be read by board members who weren’t paying attention and need to remind themselves of what to do…
… or by staff in future who want to do something and need to see what was done before and why…
… or by an investigator who is looking into a problem and needs to see why decisions were made and whether they were implemented.

Minutes are not a boring administrative task. In three years, months or even weeks, they will be all that remains from the meeting when no-one can remember the details. Boards make strategic decisions but the important day-to-day work is done at the operation level so minutes matter – at all levels of the organisation.. To make sure that an accurate and truthful record of events in the boardroom is kept, it is important that anyone from corporate secretaries to board members themselves, follow the ‘Ten Minute Essentials’ and know how to format minutes and what to include in them.


Joanna Gutmann is the UK's leading specialist trainer in minute taking, working across the housing, local government, education and health sectors; she is the author of the Kogan Page book and Taking Minutes of Meetings.

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Learn how to take better meeting minutes in ten simple steps.

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