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Learn how to use Convene as a meeting attendee in less than 3 minutes

Just some of the things you can do in the Convene app:

1. Annotate your meeting pack

2. Make private or shared annotations

3. Allocate action points

4. Work offline or online.


Convene has many more in-meeting features to help you and your board or senior team meet productively and sustainably. These include the ability to sync pages across devices so people in other locations are on the same page as you, a meeting timer and an automated meeting summary.

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"Using Convene has enabled us to drive innovation, not only in terms of the print savings, but also in the style and culture of our board meetings. The iPad app also means that we can have instant access to both current and past papers wherever we are, which fits perfectly with the agile ways of working that we are developing."

Sarah Ashmead, One Council Board Member and Director of Strategy & Policy.

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Instant Packs

Create instant meeting packs. Simply upload all the documents and Convene compiles them automatically for you.

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Follow Up

Create action points and follow up on tasks. Refer to notes from previous meetings in an instant.

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Use Convene on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Compatible across iOS, Andriod and Windows devices.

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More secure than online banking. Wipe data from lost devices easily and remotely.

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Convene has 24x7 support for both user and technical help.

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Convene uses a simple 'per user' pricing module and is competitively priced.

Sign up for a free trial of Convene today.

Try Convene for 21 days for free. We will also include a 30 minute demo to get you and your team started.

You can find out more about our pricing in our FAQs or simply fill out the form to get a quote.

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