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Learn to set up a meeting in Convene in under 5 minutes

The Five Steps:

1. Start by logging in and clicking on 'Schedule New Meeting'. This can be done via a browser on any device.

2. Add the time, date and meeting venue.

3. Add your participants with one click. Or create a group to use later.

4. Drag and drop documents into your agenda.

5. Click publish when you are done.


See what this meeting looks like for an attendee


“Going back to the old way of doing things would be much slower. It took us up to a whole day to produce meeting packs for one meeting. Whereas with Convene is takes maybe half an hour, if that.” Elizabeth Morrison, Board and Corporate Support Assistant.


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Instant Packs

Create instant meeting packs. Simply upload all the documents and Convene compiles them automatically for you.

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Follow Up

Create action points and follow up on tasks. Refer to notes from previous meetings in an instant.

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Use Convene on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Compatible across iOS, Andriod and Windows devices.

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More secure than online banking. Wipe data from lost devices easily and remotely.

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Convene has 24x7 support for both user and technical help.

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Convene uses a simple 'per user' pricing module and is competitively priced.

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