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Convene ESG Reporting

Efficient ESG Data Collection & Reporting

With increased demands for companies to prove their sustainability credentials and comply with various frameworks, accurate and efficient reporting on all aspects of companies activity has become essential.

And with this increase in demand comes the increase in personnel and complexity required to meet these demands. Why not simplify the reporting process to focus on long-term plans and targets?   

Convene ESG allows you to do just this by providing an end-to-end platform to collect data, track progress, compare with peers, align with frameworks and produce ESG reports.


Prepare for the ESRS!

In 2024, it will be mandatory for around 50,000 companies based in the EU to comply with the European Sustainable Reporting Standards.

This means that companies need to start improving their ESG data collection and reporting processes now, in preparation for the larger scopes the ESRS covers and the more scrutiny companies reports will face.

We have fully mapped the ESRS into Convene ESG to simplify your compliance with the standard! 

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Features to Simplify your ESG Reporting

Home Page Dashboards

Materiality Review & Disclosure Mapping

View recommended topics to consider based on recent provision updates by UK regulatory bodies or by common reporting standards. When setting up your reporting template, similar disclosures you report on are mapped to each other to help you avoid duplication.

Peer Comparison

Peer Comparison

Pre-loaded ESG reports of your shortlisted peers and competitors allows you to see which disclosure items your peers have reported on, together with a view of the best-practice recommendations for your industry in one dashboard.

Data Collection Dashboard

Data Collection Simplified

We prepare your Convene ESG environment with your data collecting forms, including automated alerts and escalation notifications – all configured to your workflow. Request collaborators to submit ESG data and upload evidence to support data validation and verification. Monitor the collection progress all from one dashboard.

GHG Emissions

Monitor & Benchmark your ESG Performance

Drill down on your ESG performance charts by filtering through entity or time to identify risks and explain trends. Provide your board members with the latest ESG developments and progress year-round while avoiding the hassle of sifting through spreadsheets.

Report Download

Report Generator

Auto-generate a compliant, ESG Report in an editable format that you can readily pass on to the relevant department before publishing. Implement a review and approval workflow for key decision-makers. Never miss a deadline with the calendar and alerts feature to schedule multiple report deadlines.

Goals Dashboard

ESG Goals

Our Goal Tracking and Performance modules allow you to set and track goals and initiatives, assign tasks or milestones for different departments within your organisation — helping you deliver long-term value.

Frameworks fully mapped in Convene ESG

Pre-set templates of mandatory and voluntary UK, EU and Global standards allow you to simply plug in the relevant data.

Our Team keep track of updates to these frameworks - as well as the introduction of new ones - so there is one less thing for you to worry about!



The Taskforce for Climate Related Disclosures - mandatory for the UK's largest companies to report against.



The Global Reporting Initiative -  the world's most widely used sustainability reporting standards.



The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - soon to come into effect for around 50,000 companies operating in the EU.

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